My Story

Greetings. My Name is Tom Somerville. I live in Helensville New Zealand

When I took up pottery in 2016 I was taken with the idea that anyone could take up a bit of mud, fashion it into something, cook it and hey presto there you have it. pottery & sculpture. The fun thing is what to do with that mud .This has led me to a new career . I realised I wanted to make stuff that people would cherish. that would add a bit of art into their lives and so Muddy Fingers was born

Where do my ideas come from?

My inspiration comes from my life experience. As a young man I spent may hours swimming among coral reefs in Tonga. I met my wife there in Tonga and jointly we share a passion for gardening and family. I have decided that all the lines, shapes and designs we love are all to be found in that diverse incredible realm we call nature. My work simply tries to capture some of this and repackage for your enjoyment.